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GYM Grow Your Money Savings Spreadsheet


After payment, find email "LINK IS READY" from [email protected]

✓ Only can be use with Google spreadsheets, not EXCEL.

✓ Please preserve a MASTER COPY for future use in the upcoming years.

✓ Savings tab for desktop
✓ Alternate layout for iPad

Can keep whichever you want 


✓ Easily see an overview of your total savings

✓ Track your contributions for each goal

✓ Visualize your goals progression and all your goals information

✓ See an overview of your total savings in one tab. Up to 15 Sinking Funds

✓ Unlimited rows for tracking

✓ Notes/ remarks section

✓ Progress bar

✓ Percentage of amount saved

✓ Donut chart reflecting the amount saved/left to save

✓ Grow a money tree

✓ Choose 3 different colors for different goals


• A Google account (free) is required to use this template.
• Upon purchase, you will receive an email containing a link to your digital file, which will direct you to Google Spreadsheet.

Our savings spreadsheet is designed to be beautiful and easy to use. The idea is to "plant a money tree" by saving and tracking your sinking funds progress. 

As you keep up with your savings, you'll see your sapling grow into a money tree! How many money tree can you grow in a month? That's a fun way to track your progress.

Due to the nature of digital files, once purchased you will receive the spreadsheet link that is permanent and therefore no exchange, refunds or cancellations can be offered.

This item is for personal use only, and may not be resold, remade, copied, redistributed or used for any commercial purposes.

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